Common solar panel problems

How To Tackle The 7 Common Problems With Solar Panels

Harnessing the sun’s energy through solar panels is not just trendy – it’s the bold step that is required to move towards a sustainable future and a “bye-bye” to skyrocketing power bills. Once you’ve forked out for that initial investment, those gleaming panels don’t just reduce your carbon footprint and your bills – because the long-term benefits only get better with time until you’ve recouped the cost and are now deep into long-term savings. But like any hefty investment, going solar isn’t all smooth sailing – because while the sun’s rays are consistent, our human-made solar power systems can and will falter. And, unfortunately, a long list of common solar panel problems can arise, casting a shadow over your savings.

All the solar panel problems and solutions – Right here!

Have you checked the manual? Can’t be bothered waiting in the phone queue to talk to the manufacturer or supplier? We present all the most common problems with solar panels, and helpfully suggest what you can do about it:

1. Dirt & debris

Problems with solar energy aren’t just technical – birds will poo, dust will gather, grime will accumulate. And it all hurts your panels’ efficiency.

THE SOLUTION?: Don’t be shy to use the garden hose to rinse them off, and if you’re really adventurous, climb a ladder and go to work with a very soft brush and a very light touch.

2. Shading

Has that massive tree grown even bigger, blocking the sun? A new house is throwing shade?

THE SOLUTION?: Trim, prune, and trim and prune some more. For something new – like a building – that is casting a shadow on your original panel installation, meanwhile, consult a professional solar electrician and they’ll adjust the panels’ angle or layout.

3. Inverter

A panel soaks up the sun, but it’s the inverter that converts the power into usable electricity for your home.

THE SOLUTION?: Many inverter problems will result in an error message on the device’s display. You’ll have to check the manual, the supplier or the manufacturer for what it means, but no matter what, you’ll need professional help here.

4. Micro-cracks

You might not even see them if you look, but even microscopic cracks on the panels themselves – perhaps after a hail storm – can really affect how much power your panels are producing.

THE SOLUTION?: Get up there and visually inspect those panels as often as you like. After that, you’re going to need a solar panel repair pro.

5. Loose/damaged wiring

The flow of electricity from your solar panels to your home’s powerpoints can be majorly disrupted by even a slightly loose or damaged single wire.

THE SOLUTION?: Don’t touch them of course, but check out the wiring regularly for wear and damage. After that, you’ll need a solar electrician to secure those connections and replace the damaged wires.

6. Failed bypass diodes

Failed what? Without getting techie, these diodes prevent power loss when parts of your panel are in the shade. If they fail, so does your energy production.

THE SOLUTION?: For this one, you’ll need a solar professional’s eye and expertise. They’ll test and diodes and replace them.

7. Degradation

Like everything, including our own human bodies, solar panels age and degrade.

THE SOLUTION?: Track your system’s power output over time. If you see the efficiency really start to decline, ask a solar pro about the causes and the solutions – but it’s possible your system is simply well past its prime.

Solar panel faults? You probably need a Pro

Faulty solar panels? The best solution is always prevention, so clean them regularly, do a visual once-over as often as you think about it, check that inverter display for flashing lights, and keep an eye on how your power production is changing week to month to year.

But if you already find yourself dealing with the most common problems with solar panels, Solar Repair Sydney has all the most professional solutions. With the best solar system repairers and top-notch service personnel, bring the shine back to your solar investment by reaching out to Solar Repair Sydney today.


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