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We understand how important it is to ensure your solar system works efficiently, especially when electricity costs are rising every year. To diagnose any problems, our experienced solar electricians will test your system and perform a complete fault diagnosis. Our experienced team offers expert solar repairs across the entire city.

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Solar Repair Sydney is the premier company for solar panel servicing, maintenance and repair. Trusted electricians near me that will ensure that your solar system runs at its peak performance, and provide high quality workmanship.

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Solar Repair Sydney: Services we offer

Solar Inverter Repairs

Solar Inverter Repairs

Contact Solar Repair Sydney if you have any questions or problems with your solar inverter. We can repair or replace solar inverters including all leading brands. Don’t let solar inverter issues stop your solar system performing at its best. Get in touch with the experts today.

Solar Electrician

Solar Repair Sydney provides experienced solar electricians to Sydney residents. If you haven’t had your solar panels or inverter inspected recently, a faulty panel, outlet, or connection could pose a greater risk. Sometimes, solar panels may not be able to handle the added load. In other cases, birds could damage your wiring. These dangerous situations can be avoided by having licensed solar repair professionals conduct thorough electrical inspections throughout Sydney.

How To Prepare For Solar Panel Removal & Replacement
Solar Panel Cleaning Image

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels can be a great way to increase your home’s or business’s electricity supply. They are a great investment because of their efficiency, environmental friendliness and overall value. To ensure that they continue to work well over time, they must be properly cleaned and maintained. Solar panels require special cleaning services to ensure maximum efficiency. Book solar panel cleaning in Sydney today.

Solar System Servicing

Part recalls, mounting issues, earthing problems, and other power issues are all possible. Solar systems can be compromised by many other factors, which must all be identified, fixed, and isolated by professional, consistent, and professional solar services Sydney. With our assistance, your setup will be safe from all elements and perform at its best. We will keep your investment safe and your bills in line with your expectations. Solar Repair Sydney’s expert team will inspect, clean, and retest every corner of your home’s solar system.

Solar System Servicing
Solar System Servicing

Solar System Servicing

Mounting issues, earthing faults, other power issues, part recalls. So much more can compromise solar systems, which can only be detected, isolated, and rectified by complete, regular, and professional solar service. Your setup can always be protected from harsh elements, safe, clean, performing at its best, and performing at its best with our help – keeping your investment sound and your bills the way you expect. Whether it’s seals, connections, mounts, cable, switches, seals, and more, Solar Repair Adelaide’s skilled team will thoroughly clean, check, and re-test every nook and cranny of your setup.

Solar Repair FAQ

What are common problems with solar panels?

Solar panels can last 10-20 years with proper care and maintenance. However, problems will eventually occur. Regular inspections can help identify problems early and reduce cost and disruption to your system. Common faults include low power output, cracks and water ingress, corrosion, hot spots and inverter failure.

Can solar panels be repaired?

It is possible to repair a damaged or defective solar panel. However, homeowners and business owners might not know about this possibility. The problem with solar panels will vary according to their type. They should be replaced if they have cracked or hot spots leading to water ingress. Solar Repair Sydney offers a variety of services to clean, service, and repair solar panels. This will dramatically reduce the chances of solar panel problems.

What are the best solar panel brands?

There are plenty of solar inverter brands on the market. The inverter serves such a critical process, you’ll want to ensure it lasts and performs reliably. Fronius, Aurora, Sungrow and Growatt are among the leading manufacturers supplying Sydney and Australia

Can I repair my solar panels or inverter myself, or do I need to hire a professional?

While some minor maintenance tasks such as cleaning your panels can be done by homeowners, more complex repairs should be handled by a professional. Attempting to repair your solar system yourself could result in further damage or even personal injury.

What is covered by my solar panel or inverter warranty?

Your solar panel or inverter warranty may cover certain types of repairs or replacements. It is important to review your warranty to understand what is covered and how to make a claim.

About Us

Solar Repair Sydney’s mission is to make reliable, clean and affordable solar energy available to all. Solar electricians have extensive experience, certifications, and specialised expertise in managing complex solar and backup power projects. Residential and commercial solar panel installations include off-grid solar power, battery backup solar energy and custom solutions. Solar Repair Sydney ensures reliable alternative energy to hundreds and thousands of residential clients across the region.

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